Thursday, January 19, 2012

In the New Year: 2012

So we're just plugging along in the New Year.  New jobs, new scenery, new friends and new adventures!

Things NEW to us in 2012:

Trent's new goal is medical school. In his own words: "Why not go the distance and do what I know I can do?!" i.e. become a great doctor :) Good-bye, P.A. school!

New ambition: Ashley is registered for the Provo City half-marathon on May 5th. Woot! Who would have thought she would EVER enjoy running outdoors???? If you see a cute redhead huffing, puffing, and shuffle-jogging along, give her a shout out!

New jobs!  We'll be working jobs on UVU campus. Trent will be working 20 hours a week as an Orientation Leader Supervisor (he'll be a supervisor with paid down time to do homework!) He is promised 29 hours a week starting after this semester. Good pay, too! I'm back at Human Resources at the front desk handling all the new hire paperwork/background checks/appointment scheduling/answering phones/being Super Woman. Okay, not really... They'd have to pay me more than $9.50 an hour to get SuperWoman :)

Trent will graduate this year with his Bachelor of Arts! After he graduates, he will still take some classes which are requisite for medical school.

New place to call home! We're moving into a cute little house just off Center Street in East Provo. We'll be resident managers of the unit downstairs and have a whole fenced backyard and private parking to ourselves. This little gem was listed on KSL. We fell in love with the space and will be moving in January 30th.  Pictures to come! We will be allowed to paint, plant a garden, landscape, and keep a pet if we so choose!

Although we still miss our Lexington, Kentucky home VERY MUCH, we know there will be new adventures to enjoy and new friends to make!

Here are some new pictures to enjoy from the Holidays :)

I know....we're so cute, right?

Gotta love those candids!

Mom and Dad Staib always trying to steal the spotlight

The Half-Marathon RUNNING sistas!!