Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Wrap-Up

I haven't updated our blog in ages. Sorry, y'all!

Trent FINALLY started working for the Orientation office and is happier because he keeps busy!

In June, we made the trip to Kalispell, MT for our niece, Megan's high school graduation. 

We finished first Summer term and received good grades.

I'm currently taking two classes and Trent is a T.A. for Anatomy lab, once again. We're wrapping up the second block and I'll be lucky to pass my Math review. Not being harsh, just honest!

I completed my first wedding flower "job" solo in St. George last month.

Since he can't let me outdo him with running a half marathon, Trent signed up for the Tough Mudder this Fall. He's training like mad with my sister, Kristen.

My little sister, Alex got engaged on July 3rd and will be married September 6th. I get to do her wedding flowers, too!

Trent had a BIRTHDAY on July 18th. We had a good day to ourselves and he had a much needed mini shopping spree. We are totally made for each other; He likes shopping just as much as I do!