Sunday, January 13, 2013

My husband is one TOUGH MUDDER!

So I am torn this weekend. I planned an awesome date for my husband (WILL post on that later) and so I have earned "Amazing Wife" status. On the other hand, I have procrastinated posting on Trent's race that he did clear back in October. It's been hanging over my head for months.Without further delay, here is the post!!

7 am. These two are so completely [obliviously] happy about the day. Suckers. 
Goal: As a team, run 12.8 miles with 22 obstacles including electrically charged wire, pits of mud, great heights, dumpsters of ice, tight crawl spaces, and freezing Utah temperatures
Date: October 13, 2012
Cost: $130

(In a word: Insanity. It's not an activity for the faint of heart. People have suffered broken limbs, extreme hypothermia, and near-death in this race.)

I didn't capture every leg of the race. I calculated it, and I actually ran near the 12.8 miles trying to catch up with Trent as he ran through the obstacles. Trent ran the TM with Kristen (my younger sister) and her co-workers. There were 8 members total. They wore yellow arm/head bands to create unity and help distinguish them from the other thousands of people covered in grayish brown mud.... Yeah, it was a nice thought...
Starting line. You had to push your team over the 8' wall just to get to the starting line. Whaaaat??

Ahhh. Trent's least anticipated obstacle: Arctic Enema. Complete with fresh truckloads of ice every 20 minutes. 

My best capture of the day. I don't know who this sad soul is, but they slipped head first into waist-deep mud.
I enjoyed many laughs courtesy of the participants. hehehe
Before the pits.....

A strange sense of victory...? Six more miles to go,  love!!
Spencer, Kristen's fiance, was making an effort to get Trent warm. Brotherly love :3 
These are the electric wires I was telling you about.

Crossing icy waters with muddy, frozen, stiff hands. Trent was one of the FEW who made it across. 
Running up a half-pipe ...
...covered in mud...
...after 20 obstacles and 11 miles.
LAST OBSTACLE! (50 feet of wires...)

Finished in four hours. No casualties. Narrowly averted hypothermia. Pretty good day. Couldn't be more proud :)