Friday, May 27, 2011

L e x- i n g- t o n , K e n - t u c k y

...I wrote it that way because I imagine that the locals speak a bit more slowly. Names and places probably roll off the tongue with a twang, too. Ahh....THE SOUTH!!

I have some Southern roots. My grandmother was raised in the "Carah-lahnas", as she so lovingly reminds her "shoogas" (aka grandchildren). My dad grew up in Virginia and my parents actually met out in the District of Columbia...which isn't exactly the South, but it's fairly close! Not to mention that my brother, Matthew, was recently called on a two year church mission to Little Rock, Arkansas. Fun!

Anyway, back to my reason for this post. Anyone ever heard of Southern hospitality? Well, in searching for housing, we've received just a glimpse of it in conversing with and corresponding with people in Lexington.  Apparently, Louisville is only an hour away, but is much more modern and has more of a Western feel. Lexington has retained its Southern charm and feel because the people have wanted it so.

In speaking with people, they are so eager to help out, answer questions, and go out of their way to be of some service. It was so refreshing to hear them offer help and then to sincerely ask if there was anything else they could do for us. I haven't seen these people or met them in person! They don't know me! Yet they are so willing to help us. I think I'm going to love the people in Kentucky. They could teach me a thing or two :)

It seems here in Utah (well, I'll admit, my home state was quite this way, at times, too) people don't really think about helping someone else anymore. I don't want to turn this into a Utah-bash post. As many of you already know, I have my qualms about the culture and people of Utah. I feel sorry for those who aren't members of the church here; They truly see many stupid mentalities.

I found an apartment and knew that we'd need someone in-state to check it out. I asked Trent to call one of the local bishops to see if there was someone who might be able to help. When Trent called, the bishop's wife answered. She was so eager to answer questions and immediately meet our needs. Trent told her of the apartment and the area we were thinking of moving into. She asked for the phone number to call so she could set up an appointment to see the apartment. She also was concerned for ME. Why me? She said that there weren't many people in that area of that ward boundaries and she wanted to make sure that I would be able to have friends nearby and not be lonely. Well, I'll be. I hadn't even thought of that myself! :) That is so thoughtful!

This was just one example of several people that I've spoken with or corresponded with. They just have a different attitude and outlook. L e x i n g t o n ... I think I'm going to like you.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sweet Summer

    The weather is warming up and trying my patience! I'm anxiously awaiting the warmth of summer. :) I think many (if not most) of my fondest memories have been during the summer months enjoying the sunny rays, warm rains, hot beaches, and cool water. What's NOT to like? 

    I think my favorite memories include the times that I laid out on the Del Mar beach sands after a good hour of boogie boarding. I would run quickly out of the water, tip-toeing quickly and painfully through the sun-baked sand to my warm towel. The initial two minutes were usually cold as the water on my body slowly beaded off onto the towel. I would shiver as I laid there, closing my eyes tight to shut out the blaring sun in my face. Then I would lay there and just soak in the heat. The shivers would subside and I would slowly and completely relax. It was as if I was an ice cube fresh from the sea melting into my towel. Ahhh.... It was glorious! My breathing would slow down, and many times, I would fall right asleep. 

    Over half of my life has been spent within minutes of a beach. I don't plan to change that if I can control it. Utah doesn't offer much in the way of I'm thinking the sooner we can leave, the better!

    We do have season passes to Seven Peaks Water Park. We bought them last year and thoroughly enjoyed the cool waters and a place to soak. We typically go after a seemingly long day of work (the gorgeous weather tempts us everyday!) and stay for the evening hours. Families at the park usually bring their little ones earlier in the day and like clock-work, most of them leave between 4:30 and 5:00 to prepare dinner that night. 

    A bonus this year has been that we use the passes in the off-season for other things: unlimited putt-putt golf, laser tagging, and batting cage privileges at Trafalga. Our date nights have been very cheap recently, as we frequent the Orem Trafalga and see who can win-out at mini golf. (Trent has won the past two games, but I've never been far behind!) 

    This summer will be Trent's last in summer least until Physician Assistant school begins.  We have a lot of things to look forward to, despite our very busy schedule. A trip to Lake Powell, Island Park, and possibly a river run are in store. Something that makes our summers unique is that we work hard and play hard: We go to school full-time from May-August, usually work around 15-20 hours a week each and we play as often as opportunity arises. BRING IT ON!