Friday, August 23, 2013

JULY 2013

We had an awesome July!
I'll cover this post in pictures, since it was a crazy month full of traveling, Trent's birthday, and baby development :)
28th Birthday Dinner, Cafe Trio, Salt Lake City
Trent's Birthday, my first bump picture @ 16 weeks
Beachin' it @ Del Coronado, CA

Boating with the Rahn Family in Fresno, CA
Boating accident in Fresno. We think Trent may have broken his two fingers.
He's a little daredevil when it comes to being pulled behind a speeding boat. 
Trent & Logan in San Diego Gaslamp District
Dad's first attempt at longboarding, STANFORD UNIVERSITY :)

America's Cup Trophy, San Francisco, CA
TWO FIRSTS: Trent surfed and was nabbed by a stingray. What luck!
Trying to dry off and stay warm at Sea World

Thursday, August 22, 2013

First Trimester Part 2

Pregnancy: Week 14, day 1 (July 1, 2013)

Last Friday, we met with Dr. Harrison for our first appointment. She came highly recommended by my friend Jackie and I must say, she is awesome. Dr. Harrison searched for the heartbeat, but was having a hard time finding it. Trent and I were a little nervous.

What if there is no heartbeat? What if we aren't really pregnant? 

Then we heard a strange wooshing sound and saw her knowing smile. She went to the hallway and grabbed an older, low-tech ultrasound machine and we actually got to have a look-see! We weren't expecting to see the baby for another couple of weeks, but she was curious to get more information. The baby was much higher than she was expecting. The baby was wiggling and jumping around. It was so strange to think the little ghostly-white jelly bean was inside my stomach!

We had our second ultra sound this morning. Dr. Harrison ordered a "formal" ultrasound be done with a tech to make sure 1) I wasn't further along and 2) that there wasn't another baby (twins) inside! Well, there was only one baby to be found (thankfullly!!) and we actually found out the gender at this stage.

Needless to say, I was totally shocked. Trent was beyond excited. He was giggling and absolutely ecstatic. I really thought that we were having a girl. I was almost sure of it. Poor Trent; I tried so hard to be excited about this shocking news, but it just wouldn't come. I think I almost cried a few times. What am I going to do with a little boy? I don't know anything about boys! 

In truth, it probably took me a whole month to come to terms with having a little boy. For some reason, I just couldn't wrap my mind around it!

First Trimester Part 1

Continuing on with my journals from the first trimester....

Pregnancy: Week 10, day 3 (June 5, 2013)

This is the third time since telling my supervisor I was pregnant that I've had to call in sick. [oooh boy, if I had known that was only the start!!] I've been sick since my birthday [May 7] and it's just not letting up. It's not just the nausea that gets me so down; it's the absolute exhaustion. I cannot sleep at night and every morning I'm just dragging. Sometimes at work, it is all I can do to stop myself from slumping on the desk and taking a nap. I read somewhere that lack of sleep exacerbates symptoms. Oh goody. What a perfect storm.

On a side note: I feel really badly for this baby's due date. I mean, it's going to be sometime around Christmas. Everyone I know who has a December birthday hates it. I think I'll hate it, too, along with our daughter/son!! Trent and I have already discussed the idea of doing half birthdays in July. That would be cool. :)

**Current food obsession: Del Taco's Crunchy Taco Deluxe ... I usually get three of them. ;)

Just some of my many cravings.....

Pregnancy: Week 12, Day 3 (June 19, 2013)

Why does it seem that halfway through my weeks, I crash? It's the strangest thing. I think work has something to do with it. I would take a few naps every day except for the fact that I work for 5 hours. I am also not sleeping at night.

Even worse is that I  have developed restless legs. I can't even come close to falling asleep without my legs jerking and me thrashing them all around to get the jitters out. Thrashing never helps, but it's like scratching an itch: It's a temporary fix that puts your mind at ease. Somehow in the delirium of sleep and frustration (where you just want to cry it out!), I find a few hours of sleep.

 It's usually like this: Go to bed at 11 and find yourself awake at 12, 2, 4, 5 and 7 am. Somewhere around 7:30 I crash and don't wake up again until 10:00, thankfully. Some days I wake up around 10:40 and then I have to rush to get ready for work. That's a comical thing: Getting ready for my day takes forever!! I literally spend most of my morning worrying about what to eat and what I think might sound good. Somewhere in there, I'll take a cat nap on the couch because just getting out of bed wears me out, apparently.

**Most recent food obsession: macaroni & cheese and Wendy's baked potatoes. Yep, keeping it nutritious over here. This is definitely the most I've enjoyed junk food in my LIFE.**

We recently told Trent's extended family about the addition to our family. Half of them already knew because it leaked out, while another few found out through reading a Mother's Day card my MIL left out at her house. She forgot it had the bit of news in it.  We have yet to tell my (smaller) extended family the news. It's coming soon :)

Monday, August 19, 2013

We're PREGNANT!!!!! Well, I am, at least :)

I just realized I never put up a post about our most exciting news! WE ARE PREGNANT! Things have been a whirlwind around here. Since the last post Trent has taken the MCAT, applied for Medical Schools, supported me through my first trimester and I've been sick for much of the time while growing a baby inside of me.

Early on in my pregnancy, I kept a bit of a journal on the things I was experiencing and how I was feeling. Disclaimer: I hated the first trimester, so it doesn't make for very "happy" reading, but since this is a way to document our life, I figure it's appropriate. Below is my first entry:

Pregnancy: Week 9, day 2 (approximately May 28th, 2013)
Some days I just can't get enough sleep. Take today, for instance. I slept for 12 hours last night. I've been awake for maybe 2, and I'm already stretching out on the couch for another nap. How is this even possible?! Because of the sea-sickness feeling and the lack of energy, I haven't exercised in almost two months. When I have to go up stairs, I am winded. I never thought I could be so weak and out of shape.

I have the strangest food aversions. Something that sounded good to me an hour ago, now makes my stomach turn if I smell or look at it. Cooking is most difficult as it requires two things: on-your-feet energy and an exposure to different, offensive smells. I haven't eaten meat in probably three weeks. I can't stand the texture, taste, or smell of it. In fact, one day, Trent made chicken on the grill and I asked him to eat it in a different room because I couldn't handle the smokey BBQ smell. (Who am I...?) I buy things that sound good to me in large quantities and then after eating it once, the food is left to sit in the fridge until it is thrown out. I've wasted more food than I care to admit. The only constant things of the last few weeks are watermelon, apple juice, apples and bread. I can stomach all of those pretty well. The apple juice thing is rather strange since I don't usually enjoy juice at all.

**Funny food news: I've consumed an entire gallon sized container of juice in the last week and a half. My teeth are probably starting to rot.

Toothbrushing is pretty much out of the question these days. I am sad to say that I usually resort to my mouth wash in the mornings so that I don't have to go through the toothbrush-induced gag. I shudder when I think about the taste of toothpaste now. It's horrific.

Poor Trent has had to eat out for the past month. I'm sure he is so sick of fast food. He doesn't complain. I don't know what we would do without him. This last weekend (Memorial Day) we spent the entire weekend at home. He was able to get out and ride dirt bikes and attend a dinner party, so at least he was able to get out and have fun a couple of times. He went to the same fast food chain TWICE yesterday after finding that I was able to stomach it so well. He cleaned the entire house, did all of the dishes, and washed and folded all of the laundry. He's completely amazing. I don't know how I would get through things without such a supportive husband. When I tell him that I'm sincerely sorry I am not able to make dinner, he just says, "It's fine, love. I can take care of you."

Best husband EVER.