Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My arch-rival nemesis-es

Who might those be?

Nemesis #1: Zoology 2320. A.k.a. Anatomy...

Yes, it's that time to retake this class so that I may earn a better grade! Despite my own best efforts I lost sleep, suffered anxiety attacks, and yes, even cried in lab the last time I took this course. I admit it; That all sounds very childish.

However, this is a class which many people take by itself and sometimes quit their jobs for. (I've heard of this on more than one occasion.) It's the best anatomy program in the state of Utah. The time demands are enormous and the sheer volume of information you are required to analyze and explain (NOT just regurgitate!) is enough to make you pee your pants a little.

Do I enjoy the subject, however? Yes. In retrospect, I did enjoy and appreciate the miracle of the human body and all of its wonders. I simply need to learn this time around how to take this class "one day at a time" just like anything else in life. Last time I took it, I was incredibly stressed due to working 20 hour weeks and having a full credit load along with Trent, who was in the same boat. It felt like we were precariously balancing on a life preserver while being tossed in an angry storm over shark infested waters.

This is what the embodied anatomy looks like...
Nemesis #2 reared it's ugly head that same semester: the diagnosis and undeniable symptoms of PMDD or  PreMenstrual Dysphoric Disorder.  This diagnosis explained my 14-week semester of pure and living hell for myself and my husband. The ups and the downs were almost too much for me to handle sanely. Although I have not yet pursued a course of medicinal treatments ($$$$$), the very knowledge of the symptoms and anticipating when they will occur is very empowering in itself.

This time around I feel much more confident and am going to attack with a go-get 'em attitude. Trent is also in the class with me and each night (or so it seems) we give ourselves pep talks before going to bed. He's determined to get an A. He's set on it and I have every confidence that he'll earn it.

 A little twist in this semester's scenario: it's a 7 week class, not a 14 week one. AHH!! Breathe...breathe.... Our fingers are crossed and we've got a prayer in our hearts. Maybe this time we'll squeek out wth passing colors AND without any tears!! :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

CHOP or STYLE? I'm torn. . .

So I've been thinking for some time that I'd just love to cut my hair. I think the final straw came last week when I woke up after tossing and turning uncomfortably in my bed. Is it warm in here? Why do I feel like I can't breathe? I came to and realized that my hair was practically strangling me. gee that's a problem...

Aside from the fact that I desperately need to get my hair thinned (going on seven weeks from the last thinning and it's growing into a fern-like beast) I am considering two options.
Option One: keep most of the length, but style it with short, blunt bangs
Option Two: Cut it off into shoulder length (EEK!) and keep the side-sweeping bangs.
I say EEK! to the latter option since the last time I did that haircut, it was a week or two prior to my mission. It was not a good look for me as I didn't put much time into actually doing it on the mission. It was pretty yucky. However, this time around, it would look differently.

 So, let's see what I'm describing here.... I even chose pictures of people with my same FACE SHAPE. OooHHhh!

Option ONE  ?

or Option TWO ?

I'm torn between both. I would really miss the length, but the shorter hairstyle looks so awesome!  (The hair longer in front than back with razored ends, not choppy layers up to the top of my head)