Sunday, May 13, 2012

First Half Marathon!

Last Christmas, my sister Kristen and I were talking about our goals for 2012. It was discovered that we both wanted to run a half marathon. I'm not a runner, and up to that point, hadn't hit a gym or done a cardio workout in over two years. (A bit embarrassing to admit, as I am an Exercise Science major.) This would be Kristen's second half-marathon and my first. Oh goody!!

 Fast forward 5 months....

May 5 was a perfect day for running.  At 7 a.m., the start down the canyon was freezing, but as we ran on, things quickly warmed up! Here are some pictures from the race. And yes, I pirated some of the running pictures off the Provo City Marathon website. 
Starting line: South Fork Park, Provo Canyon
The trail was just gorgeous! Running alongside a river filled with ducks and fish complete with a backdrop of spring waterfalls doesn't get much better. Loved it.
Mile 9. Still going! I have a painful expression on my face; My hamstring was KILLING. Strangely, it hurt more to walk than run. It slowed my pace quite a bit, but thankfully the leg healed after the race.
Kristen and Michael finishing the race with me :)

 The back of my tank top read: 

You should do the things you think you cannot do.
                                                                -  Eleanor Roosevelt

13.1 miles...mission accomplished! It was an early birthday gift to myself; I turned 27 two days later. 

Monday, May 7, 2012



Trent has climbed the mountain. He is done! Well, as far as undergraduate degrees go. He now has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Sciences and English. Such an accomplishment!

I feel the most incredible part of his journey has been just that: the journey! 

Trent started off at UVU toying with the idea of being a pilot or possibly an accountant before his mission. Upon return from his mission, he decided to pursue teaching English. He then tried his hand at teaching Seminary students, only to learn that it wasn't the "fit" he was looking for. The day came when he did a 180 from everything he had previously pursued; he decided to work towards Physician Assistant school. And then it was only just six months ago that he decided to attend medical school.  And this is the path that he has chosen, by way of a Bachelor of Arts through UVU :) 

Something else that Trent won't tell you about this journey is the amazing dedication and hard work that he has put into this: 24 months+ STRAIGHT of classes without any summer breaks, intermingling his regular senior coursework with difficult pre-Med classes, and all the while doing it with a smile on his face.

Incredible man. I just have to boast. He has an awesome future ahead of him!!

Although a UVU Wolverine, he definitely has a blue UK streak in him :)

GOOD LOOKING family, eh?? :)