Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Showered with love

I have to say that at the time of our last posting, Trent and I were freaking out. I mean, we were excited for this little baby and eagerly anticipating his arrival, but it sunk in how QUICKLY his due date was approaching. And it scared us to death! At that time, we had 1 box of diapers, a bassinet, maybe 4 outfits, a crib without a mattress, a changing table and quite literally nothing else. No bathing stuff, nail clippers, blankets, onesies, pacifiers....NOTHING!

Since then, between paying for secondary applications for medical school and transitioning to a one income home (Trent received a raise that allowed me to quit work), we have been accumulating things that we need here and there. 

Just in the last month, we have been overwhelmed by the generosity of so many people. One afternoon, Trent's friend dropped off two large boxes of baby clothes on our front door. I nearly cried! (Thank you, Erin!) From baby showers we have received a stroller, infant car seat, blankets, clothing, a high chair, bath time stuff, first aid kit, a play mat and DIAPERS!! My sister brought over a baby swing that her neighbor was giving away. Suddenly our very empty nursery is filling up with gifts and things that this little baby needs. We have been showered with gifts and they have all been given in love. We feel very loved. This is something that financially we could not have done for ourselves. 

Thank you to everyone who has helped put our minds at ease as we prepare for this little man. I'm feeling pretty good these days physically. I'm so big, though, that everything takes twice as long to accomplish and some days I get stuck if I sit on the floor for too long :) Restless legs are an every night occurrence now along with a new symptom: carpal tunnel! I don't think the baby has moved head down just yet; I feel his head up in my ribs on a regular basis. He likes to "lounge" at an angle, with his head in my right side. It's his favorite position, but unfortunately, one that makes it hard for me to breathe!

The "Work In Progress" nursery :) 
On a side note, I would like to update you on Trent's medical school progress. He has applied to over 20 schools. Eight schools have requested secondary applications. A secondary application means they are interested in learning more about Trent. The secondary applications contain a separate set of essay questions unique to each school, along with a lovely price tag ($50-$100). The interview process for many schools has already started. They typically interview between mid-October and January. We have our fingers crossed that he will receive some interview invitations in the coming weeks. The bummer is that you pay your way to fly out for an interview, so we will be giving the offers prayerful consideration. This entire process has been very lengthy (since May) and expensive so we really hope to not have to repeat it next year. The schools currently on our radar are located in Virginia, Florida, South Carolina, Illinois, Missouri, Pennsylvania and Arizona. 

I'm pulling for the school in Florida.....Shocker, right???