Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Curious Dating Life of the Boyers

Trent and I started dating some four years ago. At first, because of my schedule (working two jobs; one full-time and one part time) and his (full-time student with part time work) we didn't have time for a lot of things. We would often see each other for the first time around 7 at night. The conversation went something like this: Hmmm...I'm hungry and have no energy. Let's just do dinner and a movie! It was that way for a loooong time. We broke up after a few months of this. It got old really fast and didn't allow our relationship to grow.*

When we reunited two months later, we decided to do fun things together, not just easy and unimaginative activities. I feel this attitude has trickled into our marriage. It's been loads of fun and never makes for a dull moment. And if you are reading this and thinking, Is Ashley implying that she and her husband still date? this is exactly what we are doing! 

 *[I am by no means knocking on dinner and movie dates, however, I really enjoy conversation and situations that are new and sometimes outside my comfort zone. I find that those types of dates are more quality time than most dinner and movie nights.]

Over the last few months, we have had very busy schedules, but we still make time for quality and fun dates at home on our less-than-desirable budget. 0_0  I have highlighted some of the more goofy and memorable ones...

You would be surprised how many things you DON'T know about each other. We wrote down ten questions to ask each other. It was a quiz. Some of the questions follow: Where did I live in fourth grade? What car did I learn to drive in? What is my Mom's middle name? Who was my first kiss? 
A good discussion followed and we walked down memory lane together since the questions revolved around our past.

Wild Goose Chase :)
Trent came home from work one evening to a small note and a string tied to the front porch. As he followed the string, he came inside to a network of webs formed by the string he held in his hand. Naturally, I made him follow (and wind up) the string throughout the entire house. The "wild goose chase", as he called it, ended with a little note that said, " Tonight's activity will be fort building, dinner, and a movie. It was quite a memorable night. We turned the entire living room into a fort. BEST DATE EVER :)

Sledding at the Park
This one was quite impromptu; We hadn't spent much time together that week and the skies had just dumped snow on our neighborhood. I called Trent at work and asked him to come home early so we could go sledding. I had everything we needed all ready to go when he came home. It was so much fun!! There were mostly families with little kids there, but we didn't really care. We had a blast zipping down the big hills at Rock Canyon Park.

Treasure Hunt 
Trent told me that he was going to plan our Friday night evening, so I came home to a small sign on the door that was the start of a treasure hunt!! I was romping through snow, walking down to the basement, and looking high and low for the next "clue". All along the way, there were items at each clue that I put into my purse. They were part of the evening's activities: nice glasses, sparkling cider, and a blanket. I was treated to a nice sit-down picnic in the living room. Complete with candle light, salmon, grilled veggies and delicious dessert. YUM. We played some games afterward on the living room floor. 

Progressive Dinner
The plan was to go out to eat somewhere fairly cheap and then come back home and play Canasta or another game. Well, after we were done eating at Panda Express, I was still hungry! We were going to hit up a pizza place and then grab dessert, but we ended up just skipping to dessert at The Cocoa Bean here in Provo. Delish! It was  a lot of driving, but it was fun to change up the places to eat. We were able to get a variety of food and didn't have to pay a tip at either one of those places. Niiiiice. Yes, we are cheap.

Rice Krispie Treat Sculpting 
I feel like this one is self explanatory; I made a large batch of rice krispies and we sculpted the piles to our hearts' content. Sticky, delish fun!

On a smaller scale....

We recently picked up The Hobbit and started reading it together. It's actually really fun. We pick something we both want to read and take turns reading.  Some nights we make hot chocolate and sip while curled up on the couch reading. This is something we have been doing since we first met. Trent had a TON of reading to get through with his major (English and Social Sciences), so we would take turns and discuss it. 

Make a NICE dinner
Something that we do on a regular basis is COOK together. [Okay, so it's not an actual date for us, but you should try it!!] Trent has more studying to do than ever, but he still pops his head in when I'm making dinner and offers to help. It gives him a nice break from studying and it also gives us time to talk about our day and what's been going on. Trent has become the most competent man that I know of in the kitchen! He is fearless and will buy all the ingredients to a recipe that he's never made before and have a stab at it. Inevitably, Pandora is playing in the background and at some point Trent will ask me to dance while things are simmering on the stove or baking in the oven. Who doesn't enjoy being swept off their feet?

Farr's Fresh
We have a new favorite place for dessert....and we don't usually DO dessert. Farr's Fresh. I go crazy with the animal cookie toppings and Trent goes wild with the caramel. Scrumptious custard in a cup. It's a weekly temptation!