Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Trent and I both served full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Those years of service have greatly impacted who we are and the way we see our life. Recently we have talked a lot about our blessings and how lucky we truly are.

We are grateful to have married and made promises with God and with each other. No matter what happens at the end of the day, we have each other. I, for one, know that I married UP. Trent is the "IT". Haha. Not to mention he's brilliant, hard working, and ├╝ber motivated to do what's required to keep a family going. I only brought my foxy good looks into the relationship ;)

We are so grateful to be "making it" financially. Each year, with our many extracurricular commitments and callings, we somehow make enough money to make ends meet. It always feels like God can make more out of a paycheck than we would be capable of doing ourselves. I would like to attribute this to paying a full tithe; when we obey God's commandments, He cannot withhold miracles and blessings!

We are so grateful for good friends, family, ward members and neighbors. It never ceases to amaze us when someone will go out of their way or do something on our behalf. Even just someone checking up on us in the form of a text means so much. People really do care and it's good to feel needed, noticed and loved.

We are so grateful that after three years of marriage that we still have fun and make each other laugh. Whoever said marriage was like wine is right: It just gets better and better with time. We know and recognize that the transformation is a choice! It takes work and a daily effort, but luckily it brings instant and long term fulfillment.

I know life brings us down on a daily basis...
You're not skinny enough. You're not smart enough! You don't have enough money to do what you really want. Your kids aren't perfectly behaved. Your family is far from perfect.

What have we to gain when we listen to those things? One word: Unhappiness.
One thing we learned on our missions was how to be happy. There is a strong correlation between recognizing blessings and being happy.

Today we choose to be happy!!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Wrap-Up

I haven't updated our blog in ages. Sorry, y'all!

Trent FINALLY started working for the Orientation office and is happier because he keeps busy!

In June, we made the trip to Kalispell, MT for our niece, Megan's high school graduation. 

We finished first Summer term and received good grades.

I'm currently taking two classes and Trent is a T.A. for Anatomy lab, once again. We're wrapping up the second block and I'll be lucky to pass my Math review. Not being harsh, just honest!

I completed my first wedding flower "job" solo in St. George last month.

Since he can't let me outdo him with running a half marathon, Trent signed up for the Tough Mudder this Fall. He's training like mad with my sister, Kristen.

My little sister, Alex got engaged on July 3rd and will be married September 6th. I get to do her wedding flowers, too!

Trent had a BIRTHDAY on July 18th. We had a good day to ourselves and he had a much needed mini shopping spree. We are totally made for each other; He likes shopping just as much as I do!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

First Half Marathon!

Last Christmas, my sister Kristen and I were talking about our goals for 2012. It was discovered that we both wanted to run a half marathon. I'm not a runner, and up to that point, hadn't hit a gym or done a cardio workout in over two years. (A bit embarrassing to admit, as I am an Exercise Science major.) This would be Kristen's second half-marathon and my first. Oh goody!!

 Fast forward 5 months....

May 5 was a perfect day for running.  At 7 a.m., the start down the canyon was freezing, but as we ran on, things quickly warmed up! Here are some pictures from the race. And yes, I pirated some of the running pictures off the Provo City Marathon website. 
Starting line: South Fork Park, Provo Canyon
The trail was just gorgeous! Running alongside a river filled with ducks and fish complete with a backdrop of spring waterfalls doesn't get much better. Loved it.
Mile 9. Still going! I have a painful expression on my face; My hamstring was KILLING. Strangely, it hurt more to walk than run. It slowed my pace quite a bit, but thankfully the leg healed after the race.
Kristen and Michael finishing the race with me :)

 The back of my tank top read: 

You should do the things you think you cannot do.
                                                                -  Eleanor Roosevelt

13.1 miles...mission accomplished! It was an early birthday gift to myself; I turned 27 two days later. 

Monday, May 7, 2012



Trent has climbed the mountain. He is done! Well, as far as undergraduate degrees go. He now has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Sciences and English. Such an accomplishment!

I feel the most incredible part of his journey has been just that: the journey! 

Trent started off at UVU toying with the idea of being a pilot or possibly an accountant before his mission. Upon return from his mission, he decided to pursue teaching English. He then tried his hand at teaching Seminary students, only to learn that it wasn't the "fit" he was looking for. The day came when he did a 180 from everything he had previously pursued; he decided to work towards Physician Assistant school. And then it was only just six months ago that he decided to attend medical school.  And this is the path that he has chosen, by way of a Bachelor of Arts through UVU :) 

Something else that Trent won't tell you about this journey is the amazing dedication and hard work that he has put into this: 24 months+ STRAIGHT of classes without any summer breaks, intermingling his regular senior coursework with difficult pre-Med classes, and all the while doing it with a smile on his face.

Incredible man. I just have to boast. He has an awesome future ahead of him!!

Although a UVU Wolverine, he definitely has a blue UK streak in him :)

GOOD LOOKING family, eh?? :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Good for a laugh or a smile

So I've noticed quite a few pictures on my phone and on the laptop that I either haven't really noticed or haven't ever seen. Trent is quite the photographer. In fact, we both are. But when I say photographer, I am not implying that we actually possess any skill. We just like to capture silly moments that we'll look back and laugh at.

Yep, I fell asleep.

E.T. ???? (aka Trent)

When Smith's doesn't carry what we're looking for, I get grumpy.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Boyer we runners.....Wait, really?!

I am preparing myself for my first half-marathon on May 5th. Just today I ran 7 miles with Trent and my sister, Kristen. It was incredible. I never thought I would be crazy enough to attempt that, or even have the desire to run!! I am averaging at least 12 miles a week; soon to increase quite a bit.

If you have known me even for a short time, you will know that I don't enjoy running. Trent doesn't enjoy it, either. In fact, I had a horrific and embarrassing experience of monumental proportions involving running. (Trent also had one, but he'll share his later.) Allow me to tell my tale:

7th Grade. South Lake Tahoe Middle School. Awkward years.

 I join the track team just because and quickly find that I'm kind of fast, but only for quick I sign up for the long jump, 100 meter sprint and try my hand at shot put just to keep it interesting. I go to practice everyday and attend school meets at our neighboring schools. I never excel, except I do pretty well in the long jump. I even bought special track shoes with spikes! OOOooohhh. They made me feel I was so fast.

District championships were coming up. Although I hadn't placed in any of my events, I had the opportunity to go if I entered the one mile race. We didn't have enough people to represent us in that event. My friend, Sara, and I agreed just because we wanted to go to district! No biggie, right?

Afternoon race. Early summer in Carson City, Nevada. Black track. It was a very, very hot day. 

I start the race and quickly pick a brisk, but cautious pace. I fall behind. I sweat profusely. My glasses (yeah, I wore those back then) kept sliding off of my face from the heat and all of the bouncing. I get lapped once. Am I only on my first lap? Man, this track is freaking huge!!

I was later lapped a second time and realize that the next event's racers are already lined up by the track...waiting. I cross the finish line with a few other people who were finishing. But wait--I still had an entire lap left!! I was walking by that point, holding my side, crying and utterly mortified. Sara and I were the only two left on the track. She had been with me the entire race when suddenly she took off running, leaving me in dead last. There I was, red-faced, crying, dehydrated and embarrassed. I rounded the last turn, picking up a shuffle. People in the stands starting clapping and cheering. I looked for a place to run and hide (under the stadium, perhaps?!) but slowly made my way across the finish line. I collapsed in the high jump pit and don't remember anything else from that horrific day.

The best part? My mom videotaped the entire, painful event. My sisters love to pull it out and laugh at my pitiful effort. It makes me laugh, too. Isn't life funny?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

In the New Year: 2012

So we're just plugging along in the New Year.  New jobs, new scenery, new friends and new adventures!

Things NEW to us in 2012:

Trent's new goal is medical school. In his own words: "Why not go the distance and do what I know I can do?!" i.e. become a great doctor :) Good-bye, P.A. school!

New ambition: Ashley is registered for the Provo City half-marathon on May 5th. Woot! Who would have thought she would EVER enjoy running outdoors???? If you see a cute redhead huffing, puffing, and shuffle-jogging along, give her a shout out!

New jobs!  We'll be working jobs on UVU campus. Trent will be working 20 hours a week as an Orientation Leader Supervisor (he'll be a supervisor with paid down time to do homework!) He is promised 29 hours a week starting after this semester. Good pay, too! I'm back at Human Resources at the front desk handling all the new hire paperwork/background checks/appointment scheduling/answering phones/being Super Woman. Okay, not really... They'd have to pay me more than $9.50 an hour to get SuperWoman :)

Trent will graduate this year with his Bachelor of Arts! After he graduates, he will still take some classes which are requisite for medical school.

New place to call home! We're moving into a cute little house just off Center Street in East Provo. We'll be resident managers of the unit downstairs and have a whole fenced backyard and private parking to ourselves. This little gem was listed on KSL. We fell in love with the space and will be moving in January 30th.  Pictures to come! We will be allowed to paint, plant a garden, landscape, and keep a pet if we so choose!

Although we still miss our Lexington, Kentucky home VERY MUCH, we know there will be new adventures to enjoy and new friends to make!

Here are some new pictures to enjoy from the Holidays :)

I know....we're so cute, right?

Gotta love those candids!

Mom and Dad Staib always trying to steal the spotlight

The Half-Marathon RUNNING sistas!!